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POWR’s New Exhibit: 2020 Vision: the Persistence of Memory

by Deborah Britt in News and Upcoming Events

A lot has happened since my last post, but the latest is this: we’ve made it back to Wyoming, and are super happy to be back! After the many trials of a broken wrist, a pandemic and moving, we are finally settling back in. With all this, the ability to finish the work for our POWR show, about to open tomorrow, has been challenging, but with the last piece in place, tonight I feel relaxed and excited at the same time. This will be my first exhibit back on home turf in Lander, WY at Lander Art Center. I hope you will have a chance to check it out in person, but if you are not in the area, it is available to see online through October 17. I will post the web address as soon as it becomes available.

Meanwhile, I am attaching a sneak preview. My focus was the history of salt firing. There is a plethora of history surrounding salt firing, but I chose to investigate three avenues. The first was the Witch Jar, a vessel aimed at protecting one from evil witchery with the sealing of its contents, usually items such as pins, locks of hair and urine.

The second is a sewer pipe project, which led to some interesting designs and some complete and total failures, including the crashing to the floor of a completed wall sculpture (Ouch!).  It was a learning experience in so many ways!

The Third was salt-fired Porcelain from the late 1800’s in Staffordshire.

Hope you enjoy the work!