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Workshop with Jenny Dowd!!!

by Deborah Britt in News and Upcoming Events
I have just completed grant writing to bring a very talented ceramic artist to our community for a workshop!  Jenny Dowd will be opening a solo exhibit of her work at the Lander Art Center on April 8.  The show will run through May 13, and the workshop will be conducted on May 14 & 15.  The workshop is sponsored in part by POWR, Wyoming Arts Council and Lander Art Center.
Jenny’s exhibit is an installation of drawings and hanging “boats”.  Here are some photos of a previous exhibit and drawings that will be in the upcoming exhibit:
The workshop will focus on non-traditional surface design on clay.  We will be exploring layering of substances such as wax, thread, transfers, charcoal, etc.  I’m very excited!  Here’s an example of her surface textures.
Hope you can be there!!!