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Holiday Pottery Update

Having recently participated in Art Fairs in both Dubois and Rawlins, WY, I am now busily preparing new work for Lander’s Art in the Afternoon to be held December 5.  The venue at the old Noble Hotel (now part of the National Outdoor Leadership School’s (NOLS) campus) is a great atmosphere for the art fair.… read more

Latest Work!

The Jackson Hole Art Fair is behind me and I am finally finding time to catch up with the website.  Hope you enjoy some of the new work I’ve posted.  I’m very interested to hear your feedback on the new sculptural piece.  It received a lot of attention at the Jackson Hole Art Fair.  I… read more

Jackson Hole Art Fair

I’m quite busy in the studio making work for the upcoming Jackson Hole Art Fair which takes place on the weekend of August 20.  I’ve linked up their site on the left that will give all the particulars.   The work is coming along well.  With any luck, I’ll be firing in two weeks.  Stay… read more

Art St. Louis Rocks!

Thanks to Robin at Art St. Louis who has supported and promoted my work along with former director Dion Dion.  You guys are the best!  I’m posting a link to Art St. Louis.  Check out all the wonderful things they have going on!

New Work!!

I’ve just posted photos of my latest work, which I will be taking to the NicFest this weekend.  Please check it out under “Recent Work”.  There is a lot of work, so be sure and check out all the pages.  Thanks for all your support!

Connie Norman Workshop

The workshop was fabulous!  Connie shared lots of tips, secrets and anecdotes!  Her work is very colorful, fun, and also challenging when you ponder the text she adds to each piece.   I can’t thank her enough for her gracious gifts to our clay community, and our POWR group (Potters of the Wind Rivers) is… read more

Connie Norman Workshop and NicFest

Hello Everyone,   Too much time has passed since I’ve visited with you.  That means things have been happening–which is great!  I wrote my first grant on behalf of our new clay guild, Potters of the Wind Rivers (POWR) and we are bringing in Connie Norman from Cheyenne, WY to conduct a workshop.  The response… read more

What’s Up

Five inches of snow here yesterday.  Bummer!  I am very ready for spring!  However, we are grateful for the moisture.   Busy day in the studio.  I’ve made a new damp box which is working beautifully to keep my pieces workable for a longer period of time.  Thanks to Christa Assad for the tip.  … read more

New Ceramic Arts Guild!

Last night marked the first ever meeting of the new ceramic arts guild in Lander.  Attendance was great and ideas were flowing like wine (imagine if we’d had any–wine that is!)   We need a name for our new organization.  Any ideas from friends/fans/readers would be appreciated.  Something appropriate for our foothills, Wind River, Wyoming… read more

Home From NCECA 2010

As usual, NCECA was at once inspiring and overwhelming.  6,000 clay artists descended upon Philadelphia for the event.  There is so much wonderful ceramic art work to see it is impossible to do it all!   I experienced great demonstrations by some of my heros (Ron Meyers, Ellen Shankin, Christa Assad, Andy Brayman, Matt Metz,… read more