3 1/2"x3" Salt-fired Ceramic Porcelain


Description of Watchman’s Mug 22-224

These handle-less mugs were inspired after a visit to Port Orford, Oregon’s Lifeboat Station & Museum. Located in a former U.S. Coast Guard barracks in Port Orford Heads State Park, this museum pays tribute to the Coast Guard Surfmen who lived and worked here from the 1930s-1960s, ever at the ready to come to the rescue of ships in distress.

On display there were Watchman’s Mugs, used for every meal and on watch to warm the hands of the watchmen and in some cases doubled as a shaving mug.  I present to you my updated version! Super sturdy, as were the originals, to avoid chips and breakage in an unpredictable environment.

As a footnote, there is historical evidence that sailors never washed their watch mugs–the darker the coffee stains, the more seniority and respect the user had. Here’s a link for more info: Don’t Wash That Coffee Mug!

Steel blue interior.

Salt-fired to cone ten (2345F)

Oven/Microwave/Dishwasher Safe