3.5"x6" Salt-glazed Ceramic


Description of Stamped Soup Bowl 102

A versatile bowl–great for soup, cereal, ice cream–just about anything!

The hand-made stamp used on the exterior of this bowl has become a trademark of mine!  The bowl is wheel thrown, and the stamp applied while the clay is super wet. This process, of course, makes the bowl “off round”, so it is re-thrown while still wet to try and maintain it’s roundness, which is sometimes challenged when the flames help the bowl to “remember” it’s wonkiness!

A crowd pleaser, this design is often requested of me. The finishing process is a brush of colored slip, then Honey Weiser glaze on the interior, and Honey Weiser inlaid into the stamp design.  Then into the kiln for the salt and flame to do their job!

Wheel thrown, stamped, altered and salt fired to cone ten (2345F).

Oven/Microwave/Dishwasher Safe