1.5"x5.5" Salt-glazed Ceramic


Description of Salt-Glazed Wine Coaster or Ramekin 251

These look great on a tabletop, with or without wine! However, it is sure to keep pesky wine drips off your table when used as a coaster. May also be used as a shallow ramekin–the best for maximizing the delicious carmelized sugar topping on creme brulee! Here’s a link to a great recipe for Creme Brulee. Ten coasters/ramekins are available, all decorated differently, all wonderfully unique! To check out the others available, go to “Miscellaneous”. The item picture is decoraated on the interior with a blue leaf and black slip accent. Wheel thrown with “gnocchi” handles. One side was particularly blessed when salt was added to the kiln, giving the classic “orange peel” look.

Oven/Microwave/Dishwasher Safe