3"x4.5" salt-glazed ceramic


Description of Salt-Glazed French Butter Dish 269

French Butter Dishes are all the rage, and a wonderful way to keep fresh butter that is soft and spreadable without refrigeration!  Softened butter goes into the lid, and the lid is then inserted into the base that has been filled with just enough cold or room temperature water to form a seal with the lid. Here’s a link to a quick video that explains how to use a French Butter Dish. This attractive butter keeper was wheel thrown and decorated with a blue/brown leaf design, accented with black slip.  There is a minor flaw in the slip application to the base, visible in the alternate view. As a result, this item is discounted 20% off the regular price.  The flaw in no way affects the functionality of this otherwise beautiful addition to your countertop. Start enjoying soft, spreadable butter right now!  You will love it!

Dishwasher/Oven/Microwave Safe