51.00"x84.00" Salt-Fired Ceramic, Metal, gallery wrap


Description of Fence

FENCE (fens)

1. a structure erected to enclose an area and act as a barrier, especially one made of wood or with posts and wire.
2. archaic: a means of protection: defense
3. a barrier intended to prevent escape or intrusion or to mark a boundary
4. an immaterial barrier or boundary line (on the other side of the fence)

Wyoming is a “fence out” state. In other words, if a property owner wants to keep cattle off his or her property, the property must be fenced. Wyoming is considered an “open range” state in that regard. Interestingly enough, it is just the opposite for sheep, who must be fenced in.

But how about Fences as a metaphor for our lives? Fences send a message—generally as a barrier to seeing what is on the other side! However, that does not stop them from being jumped over, climbed through or squeezed under, as the wildlife in Wyoming have ingeniously discovered. I have always considered fences to be a necessary, but rather unfriendly obstacle—not exactly a welcome sign! The fence in my sculptural piece hopefully presents a more friendly approach to reminding folks that there are boundaries, both physical and personal. You may be crossing into my personal space once you get past this barrier, so please behave yourself!

An expanded version of this piece is on display currently, along with “The Falls” as an installation titled “Barriers”, at The Center for the Arts in Jackson, WY. You can see it there through the end of October, 2014