2.5"x10.25" Salt-glazed Ceramic


Description of 100 Deer Oval Casserole 21-202

This casserole decoration was inspired by the 100 deer vase from the Qing Dynasty 1735-1796 I recently saw ata San Antonio Museum. This style was frequently used to signify abundance, so what better way to celebrate an abundance than with a casserole full of deer!  Of course, I was unable to fit all 100 deer into the interior of the casserole, but the sentiment of abundance is evident.  The little critters were quick drawn on the inside of the casserole with black slip, the glazed over with a transparent steel blue celadon glaze. Enjoy your favorite casserole in this charming reminder of how grateful we are for the abundance we receive! Wheel thrown and altered into oval, with slab built floor and handles. Salt-fired to cone ten 92345 degrees F). Microwave/Dishwasher/Oven safe.