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New Work and Wyoming Cowboy Series

by Deborah Britt in News and Upcoming Events
After several months of working in my rented studio space here in Gold Beach, I returned to my permanent home and studio in Wyoming to complete the work begun in Oregon in my salt kiln.  After hours/days of firing and exposure to the salt atmosphere, the kiln is starting to look a little too seasoned!  Fingers crossed each time I light the burners that the structure will withstand a few more firings, because as most wood and salt fire potters are aware, the more seasoned the kiln, the better the results!
I’d like to shout out a special thank you to my wonderful clay buddies in Wyoming who helped me with the preparations and loading for the firings–you know who you are!  You guys are not only great potters, but great company AND great help!  For more on our pottery group, check out our group website:  Potters of the Wind Rivers
I’d also like you to check out this new series of work, featuring the official Wyoming Cowboy logo, sure to be popular with visitors as well as Wyoming natives!  These mugs, wine cups and shot glasses are available exclusively at Wind River Outdoor Company in Lander, WY.  Pictured are a few examples of the shapes and sizes available.   The mugs range in size from generous coffee mugs to vessels large enough to hold a pint of beer!  Please stop by or contact Wind River Outdoor Company for availability.  Here’s a link to their website: Wind River Outdoor Company
I hope you enjoy the new work!
Wyoming Cowboy wine cup
Wyoming Cowboy Mug
Wyoming Cowboy Shot Glass