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New Digs in Oregon

by Deborah Britt in Miscellaneous
So we’ve made it to Oregon with two cats in tow.  Travel not being their “thing”, the two-day journey from Wyoming was  to say the least, a little challenging!  However, they (and we) are settling in nicely.  I have set up a temporary studio in the basement of our new home and am ready to dig in to the boxes of clay I brought with me.  Unfortunately I have no kiln or other equipment with me, so I’m dedicated to hand building at the moment, and on the lookout for local art folks who can help me find a way to bisque my pieces in order to make the journey back to my Wyoming studio and the salt kiln safely.  Meanwhile, as I scratch my head over these issues, I have been enjoying the view of the Pacific from my new back deck.  I know–no one will have sympathy for my studio woes once they see these–but here are a couple of photos taken from our new home.  Enjoy, and stay tuned for the continuing saga of Wyoming/Oregon clay adventures!