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Evolution of Terracide/Resilience

by Deborah Britt in News and Upcoming Events
I’ve been visiting the Lander Art Center periodically during the installation of West By New West to monitor the evolution of my installation, Terracide/Resilience.  I expected drying and cracking to occur in the “ooze”, but was surprised by how aggressively it has ripped the underlying duck tape away from the edges, creating a new, and more interesting edge pattern to the piece.  Here are a couple of photos comparing the piece from when it was first installed until now–three weeks later.
Here’s a close up of the transformation/decay of the “ooze”.
I love the fissures that have occured as the “ooze” shrinks, and the alteration of the edges as the “ooze” pulls the edges inward.
In this photos, the rock beneath the sculptural element has become exposed.
This is a close-up of the “ooze” as it has hardened.
I’ll post more photos toward the end of the exhibition, scheduled for August 2.