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“Boundaries” Installation in Jackson!

by Deborah Britt in News and Upcoming Events
I am honored to have the courtyard installation at The Center for the Arts in Jackson, WY!  The installation consists of my eight-foot tall “Falls” structure, along with additional ceramic fencing to loosely enclose it.  The piece will be on display there through the end of October, 2014.  Here are some photos of the installation:
Here is an explanation of the piece, as presented to the Jurors for their consideration:



Wyoming is a lesson in
contradictions.  It is home to some of
the most beautiful landscape in the world, where mountains, rivers and
waterfalls delight and astound us.  It is
also a place where boundaries are everywhere, and the bewitched traveler may
feel inclined to test those boundaries just to see what lies beyond the next
hill.  The love of our natural setting
leads to the desire to protect and preserve it, along with the longing to share
it, resulting, at times, in conflict.  As
a result, fences have become a quite common sight in an otherwise natural


Fences send a message—generally as
a barrier to seeing what is on the other side! 
However, that does not stop them from being jumped over, climbed through
or squeezed under, as the wildlife in Wyoming have ingeniously discovered.  I have always considered fences to be a
necessary, but rather unfriendly obstacle—not exactly a welcome sign!


As a species, humans erect not only
physical boundaries, but also personal boundaries.  Fences can also be a metaphor for our lives.
The fence in my sculptural piece hopefully presents a more friendly approach to
reminding folks that there are boundaries, both physical and personal. You may
be crossing into someone’s personal space once you get past this barrier, so
please tread lightly!


The waterfall structure in this
sculpture represents the natural beauty or inner beauty that one seeks to find,
and the fence—the obstacles that keep us from finding it.