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The “F” Words–Form, Function & Flux a success!

by Deborah Britt in News and Upcoming Events
Here are a few photos from the “F” Word Exhibit, now on display at Lander Art Center through October 26.  Nine members of our POWR (Potters of the Wind Rivers) group are represented.

artists of POWR are presenting a group exhibit of their work to further engage
the public with the ceramic arts, both as a functional and sculptural
medium.  The exhibit title, The “F” Words—Form, Function and Flux, relates
to the ambiguity of our medium, and the frustrations we, as artists, must deal
with as we balance our work and careers on an ever-changing threshold.   Is it fine art, or craft?  The argument, one that has been debated for
many decades, continues, leaving ceramic artists in a constant state of Flux*.


*FLUX:  1. 
Constant change.

2.  A substance mixed with a solid
in order to lower its melting point, used especially to promote vitrification
in glass or ceramic.

Pamela Spencer-Hockett, “Final”
Carolyn Orr, “Fornax Constellation Platter” and “Flower Tower”
 Ken Rieman, “Flambe” jugs and Donna Yost, “Footsteps”
Donna Yost, “Footsteps”, and Ken Rieman, “Raku Vessel”
Carolyn Orr, “Fox” and Nancy Ebbert, “Horse Woman”
Mariah Weigel, “Friendship”
Shawna Pickinpaugh, “Of Flowers & Facets”,
and Pamela Spencer-Hockett, “Frickin’ Big Foliage”
 Deborah Britt, “The Falls”
Deborah Britt, “The Falls” (detail)
 Cristin Zimmer, “Flirting Fascination”
Nancy Ebbert, “F Bombs”
Deborah Britt, “Flower Bricks I, II & III”, “Firkin”
Cristin Zimmer, “Free For All”
Shawna Pickinpaugh, “Forever”
Donna Yost, “Family of Two and a Friend”
Shawna Pickinpaugh, “Flashback”
 Pamela Spencer-Hockett, “Furrows” and Mariah Weigel, “Flasks”
 Shawna Pickinpaugh, “Freshet”
Carolyn Orr, “Festival at Fairy Forest”
The “F” Word:  Form, Function & Flux, Installation shot