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Rainbow and a Slow Cool

by Deborah Britt in News and Upcoming Events
This was perhaps the best firing ever!  Could it have been a good omen to see a full rainbow as I was loading the kiln?
Or perhaps it was because I left for Denver the morning after the firing and left the kiln to cool slowly over a long weekend.  Who knows, but I was excited about the results! Check them out under recent work.  Most are platters, which are not for sale at this point.  I’ve been working on a commission of 24 platters to decorate the walls of a hospital here in Wyoming.  Managed to fit 19 platters into this last firing and have another 20 or so waiting to be decorated.  The drying process has been brutal, with lots of loss.  But we potters are used to that!
Here are a few photos of me introducing the salt into the kiln.  I’m rather bone weary after 18 hours of firing to reach temperature.  After that, there’s another couple of hours during which the salt is introduced into the various ports via angle iron.
I think I’ll order up another rainbow for the next firing!