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Artist Statement

by Deborah Britt in Artist Statement

work mainly consists of salt-fired Porcelain and Stoneware.  The salt-firing process is unique in
that salt is introduced into the kiln when it reaches the proper temperature
(2345 degrees F for my work). 
Inside the kiln, the salt vaporizes and settles onto the pieces, forming
its own glaze over the clay body. 
I also use various slips and glazes to further decorate the pots.


draw inspiration from many sources—nature, other artists I admire, and even
current events.  I love to
experiment and play with form. You will see this in both in my functional and
sculptural work.


my functional work, my goal is to make the pieces “special”.  I hope that everyday users will
appreciate being “in the moment” as they sip from their hand-made cup or enjoy
soup from their favorite bowl.


sculptural pieces all have specific meaning for me, but sometimes are just
fun!  I don’t wish to impose my
views of the work upon others, but would rather viewers lend their own
interpretation to the pieces within their own contexts and ideas.  Most importantly, I hope the sculptures
will inspire viewers to pause and consider how the piece relates to their