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Fortune Bobbers

by Deborah Britt in News and Upcoming Events
The Bobber has become a sort of signature piece for me, although the method of firing is different from most of my work.
The first bobber began as a costume that I made for a performance art piece, in which a leotard completely covered with bobbers took a dive into a swimming pool with me in it! These bobbers, were, of course, NOT made of clay–otherwise the outcome might have been quite different!
The original idea of the Bobber Suit Performance was that no matter how many precautions one makes (i.e. the more bobbers, the better you will float), outcomes could still be unpredictable.  Thus, the bobber became a symbol of hope.  
The largest bobber made is about 30″ in diameter.  Within each bobber is a fortune, which you will find if the piece is accidentally broken.  The fortune acts as a buffer to loss and a symbol of renewed hope if disaster strikes.  There’s a bit of humor involved, as well!
Check out the bobber featured on this website.  Hope you like it!