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Evolution of Terracide/Resilience

I've been visiting the Lander Art Center periodically during the installation of West By New West to monitor the evolution of my installation, Terracide/Resilience.  I expected drying and cracking to occur in the "ooze", but was surprised by how aggressively it has ripped the underlying duck tape…(continue reading)

West By New West

The West by New West opened this weekend and will be on display through August 2.  The opening was great fun, and I enjoyed getting to know these talented Cheyenne artists who had invited me to participate as their guest!  Here are a few photos of my installation piece for the show, entitled…(continue reading)

"Boundaries" Installation in Jackson!

I am honored to have the courtyard installation at The Center for the Arts in Jackson, WY!  The installation consists of my eight-foot tall "Falls" structure, along with additional ceramic fencing to loosely enclose it.  The piece will be on display there through the end of October, 2014. …(continue reading)

Japanese Beer Mugs Coming Soon!

I, along with some of my fellow local potters will be making Japanese Beer Mugs to be sold by Maven, a new company featuring wonderful optic products, such as binoculars, etc.  Our mugs will be featured in their on-line catalog!  Here is a photo of some of the prototypes I've been working on. …(continue reading)

The Primoridial Ooze is Oozing!

Friday night is the opening of the West By New West Exhibit at Lander Art Center.  I am honored to be the guest artist for this group of talented Cheyenne artists.  Many disciplines are represented, including ceramics, sculpture, painting, fiber arts and jewelry.  Here's a teaser of my…(continue reading)